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Digital Currency Exchange BTC-e Under Investigation in Russia

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Bulgaria-based digital currency exchange BTC-e is reportedly under the microscope of Russian officials, according to a news report published here.

The report indicates that the prosecutor’s office in Volgograd is involved, and is actively looking for any violations of the law BTC-e may have been involved in.

The possibility of the service being taken down, however, is slim. Perhaps the worst that could happen here is that access to the exchange would be blocked from Russia — but it’s simply too soon to tell.

At this juncture, we don’t have too much else in terms of information (due to the poor Google translation), so if any Russian reader is able to provide a better translation, please contact us! (Original report)

Update: A reader in the comments left the following information:

They say they already have evidence that suggest fraud, money laundering and financing terrorism. At this moment they think about criminal prosecution of individuals involved. So to make a case they are now investigating and All related materials were transferred at their head investigative department.

More details as they become available.

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