How to Retaliate Against Apple's Anti-Bitcoin Stance, The Socially Acceptable Edition

Broken iPhone for Bitcoin

Look, folks. We get it. The lot of you are absolutely annoyed that Apple has killed off the application from the App Store. It’s an overall crummy situation. And with users retaliating by smashing, stabbing, and even shooting their iPhones — we come to you with three simple steps to tell Apple where to go in a socially acceptable fashion.

  1. Sell your iPhone, don’t smash it, toss it, launch it into space, or throw it at somebody. Seriously, this doesn’t really do anything aside from make you seem crazy. Something tells us Tim Cook isn’t hanging out on YouTube and shedding tears because you’re smashing your device (and filming it really poorly). Get it to eBay or sell it to someone you know who may actually need one. The bonus? Apple won’t be getting the money from the iPhone sale – you will.
  2. Take your business elsewhere by purchasing an Android (or other device) that will allow you to enjoy the bitcoin world freely. That iPhone you sold will help you cover the costs of your new device.
  3. Tell Apple you’re unhappy with their current stance on bitcoin. You can do that at Just remember, no cursing, excessive use of exclamation points, and no caps. Be professional and keep it to-the-point. Realistically, you won’t receive a reply, but there’s power in numbers. Enough voices will be heard, eventually. The do read feedback.

We can sit here all day and condemn Apple’s decisions, or we can do something effective to change it. The question is: how will you react?

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