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Bitstamp and BTC-e Bitcoin Exchanges Resuming Withdrawals Today

Bitstamp Withdrawal Resume

Updated 11:00 AM Eastern US: Andreas Antonopoulos notes on Twitter that Bitstamp withdrawals have resumed. He also expects Mt. Gox to resume withdrawals soon.

Bitcoin exchange Bitstamp is today resuming withdrawals, days after announcing they would be stopped temporarily due to a DDOS attack affecting multiple exchanges that took advantage of a known transaction malleability issue known to developers since 2011.

“A denial-of-service attack caused us to suspend the processing of Bitcoin withdrawals. Bitstamp, with help from the Bitcoin core developers, has implemented a solution that passes our preliminary tests and audits,” Bitstamp wrote on their news page. “After additional testing, we plan to enable Bitcoin withdraws later today.”

The BTC-e exchange hasn’t made a formal announcement, but is also expected to resume withdrawals today, according to bitcoin news website CoinDesk.

Meanwhile at Mt. Gox, withdrawals are still stopped, and a man from London even flew out to Tokyo to confront the exchange’s CEO Mark Karpeles about the matter:

Certainly, it’s a good sign that the major exchanges are resuming business as normal.

The latest price per BTC at Bitstamp was $642, as of this writing.

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