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Mt. Gox to Provide Update on Withdrawals Thursday

Avatar Jayanand Sagar 5 years ago

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With all of the drama surrounding Tokyo-based Mt. Gox, users of the service and bitcoin community members alike are eagerly awaiting to see what the company says next on the status of withdrawals.

Just a reminder: thursday is the day, according to a news update provided Monday by the exchange, who said they are expecting to resume withdrawals “soon”, albeit with daily and monthly limits in place.

These limits are likely designed to prevent the exchange from crashing completely. With the bitcoin community running out of patience (and confidence) in the service’s ability to run reliably, it would be likely most traders with money ‘stuck’ at Gox would try to withdraw it all and move it elsewhere.

Since the company isn’t speaking to the media, we literally have no idea what they’re expected to say, which leaves many at the edge of their seats.

What do you think Mt. Gox will say?

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