Buttercoin Bitcoin Trading Platform Launches Early Access

Buttercoin Logo

A new start-up based in Palo Alto, California is hoping to make a splash in bitcoin trading. They’re Buttercoin, and this venture capitalist-backed service has just launched early access to their platform.

The soft launch of Buttercoin comes just hours following Mt. Gox’s filing for bankruptcy protection, signaling that better things are on the horizon for traders.

Kevin Rose Buttercoin Tweet SL

Buttercoin has reportedly received on the order of $1 million from investors, among which include Kevin Rose of Google Ventures (also, co-founder of Digg) — who teased the early access program today on Twitter.

As of this writing, the queue to get access is about 4,100 heads long, though Buttercoin will let you skip a few places if you spread the word via a social network.

An open launch date has not been announced, though the company says it’s “very soon”.

  • Google Ventures backing this? Bitcoin is going mainstream!

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