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Bitcoin Conference Comes to Moscow, Russia

Bitcoin Conference Russia

The land where uncertainly surrounding the use of cryptocurrencies is very much and issue at the moment is becoming host to its very own bitcoin conference.

Bitcoin Conference Russia is taking place in Moscow come the 23rd of April, and aims to discuss current issues surrounding the digital currency in general, but also the difficulties of doing bitcoin-related business in the country.

These conversations stem from a notice not terribly long ago from the country’s general prosector that declared the use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies unlawful.  More recently (as of a few days ago), the Bank of Russia stepped forward and stated that cryptocurrencies were not unlawful. To say there’s confusion on the government’s stance is an understatement.

So far, the conference has lined up about seven speakers from the area, with more expected before the event takes place.

For more information, you can check out their website.

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