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Coinbase Did Over 120,000 Transactions on Sunday, According to Chart Data

Avatar Jayanand Sagar 6 years ago

Coinbase Daily Transactions 9 March

According to a chart published on the Coinbase site, the brokerage broke a record yesterday, doing over 100,000 transactions. In fact, they did nearly 122,000 transactions, according to the data available.

That’s up quite a ways from the last spike. It’s actually a huge jump from last time, which was November 28th, surpassing 98,000 transactions that day.

Coinbase has grown tremendously since bitcoin has become an international phenomenon, and it’s easily become the go-to place to easily acquire bitcoin in the United States.

In fact, Coinbase has been adding somewhere on the order of 30,000 accounts per day, surpassing 1 million consumer wallets in late February.

As more and more individuals discover bitcoin in the United States, you can expect these numbers to continue to grow.

newsBTC has received confirmation from a Coinbase spokesperson that the figure is accurate.

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