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Largest Online Takeout Provider Just-Eat UK Considers Bitcoin Acceptance

Avatar Jayanand Sagar 5 years ago

Just-Eat Systems

On the heels of the news that a small takeout provider Menufy added bitcoin payment acceptance to their system comes that news that the largest takeout provider, Just-Eat, is considering accepting bitcoin themselves. Specifically, the UK-division of the massive company.

The news comes from the service’s Facebook page in which a user asked the following:

Hi Just-Eat, I would love to pay with Bitcoin for my food. Are you implementing this?

Services such as or can handle the bitcoins for you and just pay you in sterling, euros, or dollars in your bank account.

In the response, said:

We’re looking into Bitcoin. We’ll keep you all posted.

Just so you’re aware (if you’re from the United States like I am), Just-Eat operates in 13 countries including Canada, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy, and France.

Founded in 2001, the service brings in £700 million in revenue annually for the restaurant industry, and has received upwards of 100 million orders since launch.

At present time, about 36,000 restaurants are signed up with the service across all countries.

It should be made clear that in this particular case, only the UK operation seems to be looking into bitcoin acceptance. There hasn’t been word from the corporate office, so far as we’re aware.

Still, assuming Just-Eat in the UK does enable bitcoin payments, we suspect our friends across the pond will be very happy indeed.

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