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Bitcoin Documentary Film 'The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin' To Debut at Tribeca Film Festival

Avatar Jayanand Sagar 6 years ago

Rise and Rise of BitcoinA bitcoin documentary film dubbed The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin is slated to make its debut this April at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York on the 23rd of April.

Directed by Nicholas Mross, the film chronicles the digital currency that’s taken the world by storm, from it’s origins to incredible explosive growth first in April of last year, and later in November.

The film features interviews with well-known entities in the bitcoin community including Gavin Andresen, Roger Ver, and more.

Following the film’s premiere at 5:30PM at SVA Theater 2, there will be a conversation with the film’s director in addition to the film’s protagonist Dan Mross, along with former BitInstant CEO Charlie Shrem (you can see his post on it here).

Above you will find a non-final version of the film’s trailer.

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin Cover

Cover artwork. Source:

Based on the trailer, is this something you’re excited to see?

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