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Libertarian Party of Texas Now Accepting Bitcoin Donations

Avatar newsbtc 6 years ago

Libertarian Party Texas

The Libertarian Party of Texas announced Friday that they’re bracing bitcoin by accepting donations. The announcement comes at the start of the Party’s State Convention, taking place between April 11 through 13 in Temple, Texas.

“Accepting Bitcoin offers our members and donors another option when it comes to financial contributions to the Libertarian Party of Texas,” said Patrick Dixon, Chair at the Party. “I am very proud that our party is the first in Texas to accept Bitcoin.”

The move isn’t entirely surprising. Many libertarians like the concept of digital currency like bitcoin, which cannot simply be created at the stroke of a pen.

“As Texans lose faith in the American dollar’s value and reliability, they are looking for alternatives that will maintain the value of their hard-earned money,” Member Manager at the Party Heather Fazio said. “Bitcoin, and other decentralized digital currencies, offer new opportunities for people to break free from the banking industry’s stronghold and, often punitive, monetary policies and options.”

At the aforementioned Convention, a discussion on bitcoin entitled “Bitcoin, Banks and Bailouts: How do Bitcoin, the Federal Reserve System, and crony capitalism affect the economy?” is expected to take place, featuring Michael Cargill, John Bush, Mick Truitt, Dr. Lucas Rentschler, and Ben Swann as speakers.

The Libertarian Party is the 3rd-largest political party in the state of Texas. For more information, follow this link.

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