Chinese Bitcoin Exchanges OKCoin and BTC China Planning Bitcoin ATMs

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Just when you thought things in China couldn’t get any more confusing, OKCoin — a bitcoin exchange in the country — announces a bitcoin ATM.

A Chinese news-blog posted the first report on the topic on Monday, making note that the exchange would be showing off their own ATM creation at the Global Bitcoin Summit 2014 conference taking place in Beijing from May 10th-May 15th.

More specifically, the ATM (which is said to be more like a vending machine in that it only dispenses bitcoin) will be at the OKCoin booth, for those in the area looking to sneak a peak.

Also of interest, while we’re on the topic of OKCoin, is the news that the exchange would be suspending account recharges via their merchant bank account (not surprisingly with all the rumors that have been floating around).

The exchange will instead allow investors to purchase recharge codes from 100 yuan to 100 million yuan, according to an announcement posted on their website.

BTC China’s bitcoin ATM

Btcchina LogoLet’s not forget BTC China, the country’s well-known bitcoin exchange that once climbed to the top of the charts (late last year). They too are planning a bitcoin ATM, and are holding a press conference on Tuesday at the IC Coffee Cafe in Shanghai.

The exchange is encouraging small business to attend, so it will be interesting to see what they have in store.

Obviously, we’ll have more information on that as it becomes available. [source: CCN]

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