'The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin' Debuts Wednesday at the Tribeca Film Festival

There’s been a whole lot of buzz in the bitcoin community surrounding the release of The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin, a documentary that chronicles the bitcoin digital currency.

Featuring interviews with well-known entities in the bitcoin community, the film is by far, the most in-depth feature on bitcoin, and judging by the official trailer, it looks to be a great experience.

“The film tells the story of Bitcoin, a revolutionary technology that’s changing the game of how money works. It takes you on a journey of how it all started and how it boomed, and highlights some of the early entrepreneurs and enthusiasts in the space that helped paved the way,” said Nicholas Mross, the director of the film.

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0S4dSXTnfms”]

He explained to NEWSBTC how the film came to be:

“It started as a much smaller documentary that was going be a more informative piece. My brother Dan was a bitcoin miner and I started to document his personal story and interest in Bitcoin. Then all of a sudden Bitcoin really took off and we decided to expand the film and turn it into a much bigger project.”

“The end goal of the film is to tell the compelling story of Bitcoin while educating the audience along the way.”

Based on what you’ve seen, is it worth the watch? Are you the target audience? Chances are, if you’re reading this website, then yes.

“Our target audience is both Bitcoin enthusiasts and those not familiar with Bitcoin. We’re hoping the film is strikes the right balance in being interesting to both,” Mross said.

I have not personally seen the film, nor am I able to attend the premiere, but it all goes down Wednesday evening (April 23rd) at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. The film will be starting at 5:30PM at SVA Theatre 2 in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan.

Following the film, a question and answer panel will be held with Nicholas Mross, his brother (the film’s inspiration and protagonist), former BitInstant CEO Charlie Shrem (who’s getting a bit of a break from his house arrest), and another undisclosed panelist.

Alas, it remains unclear just when you will be able to watch the film from the comfort of your own home, though.

“We’re hoping the film gets picked up after its run at Tribeca,” said Nicholas Mross. “We would love to get the film out there in a timely fashion for the world to see.”

“We don’t know yet how it will be released, but there very well could be an online release associated with it.”

  • Leemar

    Why don’t you let people stream it for a milibit or two 🙂

    • bouf

      You’d have thought they read the tea leaves… Instead its headed to a closed “film festival”.

  • Aliice

    Why isnt Shrem in jail?

    • dMnyc

      Why aren’t the Wall Street bankers who brought down our economy in 2008 in jail? Charles hasn’t been convicted of anything.

  • Aliice

    Why isnt Ulbricht in jail? Profit on the backs of dead kids across the globe. Freaking sick.

  • Tony

    Can’t wait to see that movie!

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