NYC Bitcoin Center Now Selling CoinTerra Bitcoin Mining Hardware

The New York City Bitcoin Center on 40 Broad Street — just one hundred feet away from the New York Stock Exchange — is more than just home to bitcoin-related events now.

The center is entering the world of retail. Yes, retail.

The organization today announced that they’ll be serving as a the sole retail location for CoinTerra’s TerraMiner IV device in a partnership that will allow New Yorkers to easily pick up a miner (provided they have the money to pay for it, of course).

“We are delighted that CoinTerra, America’s leading Bitcoin mining hardware company, has chosen Bitcoin Center NYC, America’s premier Bitcoin retail showcase as the first physical location to sell the TerraMiner IV from stock,” said Nick Spanos, who heads the center.

CoinTerra is quickly becoming one of the top names in the mining industry. The Texas-based company announced several days ago the sale of their 5,000th TerraMiner — ten weeks following the start of a production cycle.

The devices aren’t cheap either. One can pick up an IV for $4,799 (provided they enter a coupon code). The discount will discount the price by $1,200 for a limited time.

“As a proud American company whose cutting-edge mining hardware is powering the Bitcoin financial revolution, it is fitting that the TerraMiner IV is now available for sale at Bitcoin Center NYC, located just steps away from the NYSE, the epicenter of U.S. commerce,” said Ravi Iyengar, CEO at CoinTerra.

The New York City Bitcoin Center is open seven days a week from 10 AM – 10 PM.

  • jimbit

    I wonder if in stock means I can walk away with the hardware for cash?

  • YellowPress

    This is just PR, cointerra products are just crap.
    You can get into reddit or any other forum and read about thousands of claims about burned chips, unresponsive support, some are even comparing them with the infamous BFL version 2.0

    Leader in the market? My ass.

  • JRu

    Well I have two Cointerra’s one is beginning to show 100C temperatures even though I have them in cocolation at a top notch webserver facility. My friend has purchased one and it only hashs at 800M/H. It turns out the the weld from the power cords to the board are shoddy. The thermal paste job…well lets say I have seen chimps do a better job on some of the units. The liquid cooling leaks in some units. I believe these are the two biggest culprits in the temperature problem. Nua out of the Bronx had the same issue as my friend he returned his unit to Cointerra, they returned it back “fixed”. It still has the same problem. The obvious “quality control” issues are present and noted with no response from Cointerra. It is like dealing with a used car salesman for most people. First promise 2TH and 1200 watts and on time delivery. 1.6TH delivered to others before me at 2000 watts. I called and asked if April delivery would be 2TH as ordered was told yes. April comes 1.6TH at 2000 watts well at least they delivered on time. Still people are not getting what they paid for even with a 15% reduction on the next purchase. How can Cointerra be justified if the units have a high rate of defects that Cointerra will not address. They cut the warranty from 90 days to 30 days which seems to be a CYA attempt. Then tell you here is a 15% savings on your next lemon?

  • dod inago serge

    EMERGENCY I am looking for a minner to buy it bit i am a bit reseller in africa [email protected] thank you

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