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Bitcoin Center NYC Hosting Currency-Themed Art Exhibit

Avatar Jayanand Sagar 5 years ago

Here’s a little something for our crypto-enthusiasts who have a thing for art.

The Bitcoin Center NYC is hosting a currency-themed art exhibit in partnership with artist Jenna Lash on Thursday, May 29th.

“The artwork in this exhibition is a visual conversation about the exchange and aesthetic of money. The highly-charged images of currency and how they represent personal values that become public values are the focus of this exhibit,” said Lash in a statement.

The works are said to be contemporary pointillism, created by Lash using acrylic and oil paints on a canvas.

As put in the center’s announcement today:

[blockquote style=”2″]The subject matter is international currency in circulation or disused currency. The works run the gamut of U.S. military scrip, a U.S. silver certificate incorporating a Native American portrait, the Australian Dollar, the Chinese Yuan, and two British Pound Notes, to highlight only a few.[/blockquote]

Lash continued:

“Money is an abstract concept based on faith. For many people, it is one’s faith and belief in their country that gives it worth; their country’s strength, resources, culture, religion, and its world connections. For others, it is in a belief beyond those borders. So what will continue to give money, and our lives, value? And what will give it value in the future? Will it be individuals, countries, conglomerates, computers, or Bitcoin? Will we continue to need vaults, gold, soldiers, and insurers to protect that faith? Or will virtual currency be our saving grace?”

The center’s founder, Nick Spanos, has reportedly been cultivating a friendship with both Lash in hopes that she would display her works at the center, which is conveniently situated one hundred feet from the New York Stock Exchange.

“We’re grateful that Jenna Lash’s impressive collection of currency-themed paintings are gracing the walls of the city’s only central location for this decentralized technology,” Spanos said. “We intend to give the exhibition of these paintings the attention, care, and seriousness that the works themselves demand. We wish Jenna Lash every success and want to be part of her success.”

The artworks can be viewed any time during the center’s operating hours (10 a.m – 10 p.m. daily) and will be on display until September 25th.

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