Canadian Nudist Resort Accepting Bitcoin Payments From Pocketless Customers

All sorts of businesses are turning to bitcoin every day to meet their needs (such as avoiding costly fees from credit card processors), but this one right here is just a little bit different.

They’re the Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park, and if the name was any hint, it’s a resort for naked people. Located near Toronto, Canada, the Park touts itself as a place where “where the entire family can experience traditional naturist values in a modern setting.”

In other words, letting it all hang out.

And since naked people don’t have pockets to hold their wallets in, this very well may be a perfect solution.

The digital currency can be used in-person or online for park services and at The Bare Boutique — a store for naked people. We really can’t get enough of saying that.

Naked people.

The Park says they actually set up their system to accept bitcoin several months ago, and now that they’ve had to opportunity to thoroughly test it and complete their first transaction, they’re ready for all of you naked people to come and spend your butts… bits, rather.

Bare Oaks also took the opportunity to voice their opinions on some of the bad press bitcoin has recently received.

On privacy:

[blockquote style=”2″]The security of bitcoin is not a big concern. The recent failures that grabbed headlines were more about security breaches in currency exchanges; not weaknesses of the currency system itself. Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park and the Bare Boutique will be holding their bitcoins in local wallets which avoids that issue. They will only be stored briefly in exchanges while they are being converted into Canadian dollars.[/blockquote]

On lack of government backing:

[blockquote style=”2″]One criticism of bitcoin is that it is not backed by any government or institution and has no inherent value. You could say that about gold as well. That is basically just a shiny metal with very few practical uses. It is not essential to our survival in any way. Yet we all value it because for thousands of years we have been thought to treasure it.[/blockquote]

And on statements that bitcoin can be used for criminal activity:

[blockquote style=”2″]Another criticism is that it is used for criminal activity. It is true that criminals like the anonymous nature of a bitcoin transaction. But you can say the same thing about cash. In fact, cash is even less traceable yet nobody is suggesting getting rid of it.[/blockquote]

As mentioned above in the first quote, Bare Oaks says they will be converting their bitcoin income to Canadian dollars, but adds that as acceptance of the digital currency grows, the conversion to CAD is subject to change.

Read the official announcement here.

  • Ok. I got this. This is a good nudist resort

  • nice, Canadian nudist resort

  • It is hot time for nudist now

  • Robert Palmer

    Sounds like a great family friendly place to visit. Now if I only had some idea of how to come up with bitcoins….

  • W. H. Armstead, Jr.

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