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ZeroBlock Trading Platform Now Supports BTC-e Trading

Avatar newsbtc 5 years ago

Bitcoin news and market information provider ZeroBlock announced today that their new trading platform (which was announced in early March) will support BTC-e trading and one-click order entry on what the company is calling a real-time data backbone “powered by Wall Street technology.”

The move will effectively give traders on the ZeroBlock platform access to a good chunk of the liquidity in the Bitcoin markets, given that BTC-e is one of the largest bitcoin exchanges on the planet. BTC-e also allows for the trading of other digital currencies like litecoin, namecoin, and peercoin.

These traders also have access to the Bitstamp order book — further increasing the amount of liquidity available to them.

ZeroBlock has developed an enterprise-level Financial Information eXchange Protocol (FIX) API. According to the company, “The FIX protocol is a globally accepted standard of messaging specifications developed through the  collaboration  of  banks,  brokers,  exchanges,  institutional  investors,  and  information technology providers from around the world.”

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“The BTC-e integration with the ZeroBlock trading platform was the first exchange to be added with our new trading backbone,” said ZeroBlock’s Peter Smith. “We are looking forward to adding new exchanges much more quickly and easily over the next month.”

ZeroBlock’s latest version of their trading platform is said to support order entry directly from the Order Book and Visual Deptch modules. Clicking at a given price level will reportedly update the corresponding Order Entry module’s price.

The effectively allows the trader to “join” the book at the desired level rapidly.

ZeroBlock’s platform also include Order Sweeping, allowing the trader to buy or sell all liquidity on the book to a certain extent. This feature is available through a Shift-click on the Visual Depth (or by clicking the Amount column in the Order Book).

Finally, ZeroBlock says their Visual Depth module will now display the current market spread expressed as the percentage difference between the bid and ask price.

Back in March, ZeroBlock co-founder and director of product at Dan Held told newsBTC he expects the ZeroBlock platform to be the preeminent platform to trade crypto-currency in six months.

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