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SatoshiPoint Bringing Three Bitcoin ATMs to the United Kingdom

Avatar newsbtc 5 years ago

UK start-up SatoshiPoint is hoping to become the leader of bitcoin ATMs in the United Kingdom, it would seem.

The company is planning to launch two bitcoin ATMs in London from May 30th in partnership with Las Vegas-based Robocoin, bringing two-way bitcoin access to the London crowd.

Robocoin ATMs are unique in that they allow consumers to not only buy bitcoin with fiat, but exchange the digital currency as well. These particular devices also incorporate biometric scanners (palm vein scanner, for instance) that will enforce the device’s £1500 a day limit and ensure the customer is complying with AML/KYC regulations.

According to Bitcoin Magazine, the company is even planning to throw a launch party for the devices (in partnership with Bitcoin POS XBTerminal) at the Old Street London Underground shopping concourse at Nincomsoup.

As for the third bitcoin ATM, it is being reported this device — also Robocoin — will be launched in Bristol in South West England. Another launch party will mark the device’s entry into service on the 3rd of June.

But if you thought that was it you’re well mistaken.

The word is that SatoshiPoint will continue to expand their ATM network in the United Kingdom through further device purchases from Robocoin.

The company’s ATMs have access to liquidity via the Bitstamp exchange and charge a five percent fee per transaction. They are considering switching to CoinTrader for faster withdrawals.

For more information about SatoshiPoint, you can follow this link.

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