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Yahoo Finance Adds Bitcoin Prices

Avatar Jayanand Sagar 5 years ago

Yahoo Finance, a popular hub for casual and professional traders, has begun adding bitcoin prices to their extensive index of information (see the picture above).

Available under the ticker BTCUSD=X [link], the page will provide users with the latest price (not that they couldn’t get it elsewhere), along with news items, as any finance website would show.

But it’s an interesting development, with many users in the community taking this as a good sign in the ever-developing bitcoin story.

Surely, Yahoo’s stamp of approval (which could be seen as further legitimizing the digital currency) could very well start a domino effect (or not). Who knows? Perhaps Google is also working on integrating the bitcoin price to Google Finance.

At the moment, it’s unclear just where Yahoo Finance is sourcing the price data from, but it doesn’t seem to be moving very much since I’ve started writing this (remaining static at $658).

It seems as if they may be testing this before giving it a final nod, but hey, we think it’s worth knowing about.

As expected, the news is bringing a level of excitement to the community (looking at you, Reddit).

Other high-profile websites have beat Yahoo Finance to the punch, such as search engine DuckDuckGo, Bloomberg, and WolframAlpha.

Who do you reckon will be next?


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