Google Finance Now Showing Bitcoin Prices, Too

The bitcoin community was abuzz on Tuesday with news that Yahoo Finance had added bitcoin prices to their expansive finance network, and it looks like someone else has hopped aboard the train.


Google Finance Bitcoin Updated


Now, I can’t tell you just when they added this, but if you run a search for ‘CURRENCY:BTC’ on Google Finance [here’s a link if you’re lazy], you’ll be presented with price and news data, as one would come to expect.

Much like I said about Yahoo Finance’s addition of bitcoin price data, it very much seems to be in a testing phase as well over at Google Finance. There’s no chart data (I’m assuming because they just added it), and some other elements are missing.

Update: Chart data now available.

A quick peak at the bitcoin subreddit on today also showed that price listings for bitcoin are available on the mobile version of Google Finance as well.

Unlike Bing, however, Google will not show price data in relevant search queries (yet, anyway).

Many members of the crypto-currency community view this as a great step forward, further legitimizing bitcoin by recognizing it as a currency (as if and DISH Network’s acceptance wasn’t enough).

Other sites that list bitcoin price data include computational search engine WolframAlpha, search engine DuckDuckGo, and financial news network Bloomberg, among others.

  • Krogoth Alexander

    Their chart is up and running now.. the chart also goes way back. Go google and yahoo!! Now to get that winkle ETF on the nas.

  • ab0032

    google does not have a log scale, yahoo does.

  • Do we know where the data feed is coming from? Hopefully not just 1 exchange like bitstamp….

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