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Bitcoin ATM Comes to Lelystad, Netherlands

Avatar newsbtc 5 years ago

There’s a new bitcoin ATM in town. Well, it’s in Lelystad, Netherlands — capital of the Flevoland province.

Announced today, the ATM is centrally located at a train station, making it exceptionally visible to those who pass by. So central, in fact, that it’s located between all the major banks in the area (such as ING, Rabobank, SNS), according to the device’s operator, Bitsend.

As you may or may not be able to see from the picture (courtesy Bitsend), the device is a Lamassu-manufactured machine. What this means is that it’s only a one-way ATM, and only has the capability of dispensing bitcoin in exchange for local currency (although Lamassu does now offer a peripheral stand that enables two-way functionality, but that’s beside the point).

Lamassu kiosks remain the most popular offering with providers, with over 235 units (manufactured in Portugal) in service around the world.

Lamassu Bitcoin ATM

Creating a small ecosystem

Bitsend is taking the opening of their outdoor bitcoin ATM to a another level by creating a mini ecosystem directly around the machine.

By creating a merchant point-of-sale system, Bitsend is allowing nearby merchants to easily accept bitcoin. These merchants are selling anything from food, beverages, and even alcohol if you so desire.

The plan is a good one. If you’re going to set up an ATM, why not take is a step further and give people an option when it comes to spending them?

Overall, seems like an exciting launch, but we just aren’t sure how they’re planning to run their machine in the rain!

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