ZipZap Brings Digital Currency Buying Back to 20,000 Retail Locations

Some better news for residents in the United Kingdom who might be looking to buy bitcoin. ZipZap announced on Tuesday that they’re bringing their global cash transaction network back to 20,000 retail locations in the UK.

The announcement come following a news item at the end of March in which we learned that the company would be halting the processing of digital currency transactions. The halt directly related to ZipZap’s payment processor, PayPoint, and its desire to put the processing on hold until the legalities surrounding there digital currency transactions became clearer.

Now, ZipZap is working with a company called Payzone, one of the leaders in consumer payments in the country.

So what does this mean for you (assuming you live in the UK)? You’ll be able to purchase digital currency like bitcoin, litecoin, and yes, even dogecoin through ZipZap’s exchange partners, which include ANX, Bittylicious, and

“Many UK consumers prefer dealing with cash without having to disclose their banking information,” said Simon Nahnybida, ZipZap’s Senior Vice President of Business Development. “Our partnership with Payzone allows customers to easily buy digital currencies online and pay at convenient locations within a walking distance from their home or work.”

Here’s what Mark Mellor, Director of Sales and Marketing at Payzone, had to say:

“We are very excited to partner with ZipZap and participate in the digital currency economy […] We strive to provide the best products and services with the utmost convenience and ZipZap’s practices fall in line with our belief of providing quick and cost-effective payment services to consumers whilst offering an extra service for our merchants to add to their Payzone basket of services.”

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