QwikBit Accepts Delivery of First Batch of Bitcoin AVMs For Isle of Man Roll-Out

Bitcoin AVM (automated vending machine) operator QwikBit today announced that they have taken delivery of a first batch of bitcoin AVMs manufactured in Portugal by Lamassu for an eventual distribution on the Isle of Man and in the United Kingdom.

We’ve seen many of these Lamassu devices make their debut over the past year, but the location in which these particular machines will be placed is fitting.

That’s because the Isle of Man is hoping to become a hot spot for bitcoin activity. A number of businesses on the Isle have already committed to helping bitcoin businesses get started, as we reported last month.

QwikBit Lamassu Shipments

The company has said that the first locations for the placement of the devices on both the Isle of Man and in the United Kingdom have been secured, and the team at QwikBit is working matters out with regulators on the Isle before launch time.

“We’ve been looking forward to the arrival of our first batch of Bitcoin AVMs for several weeks. In that time, we’ve been working on securing our first locations in the Isle of Man, and also liaising with Jason Kelly, a specialist lawyer and Vice Chairman of the Manx Digital Currency Association (“MDCA”), who has provided invaluable insight on local regulatory matters,” said Stan Ho, COO at QwikBit.

“Following the Isle of Man’s Financial Supervision Commission (“FSC”) announcement on Digital Currency, Qwikbit has also been liaising with the FSC regarding our launch. Once we have the green light, we’ll install a number of AVMs in the Isle of Man, and then roll out the rest of this batch in the UK,” Ho continued.

Lamassu CEO Zach Harvey says he’s pleased to see the launch:

“We’re very excited Qwikbit is launching on the Isle of Man with our Lamassu machines,” he said. “This is a big step towards making Bitcoin more accessible in the Isle of Man and in the UK.”

Meanwhile, MDCA chairman said, “The arrival of Qwikbit AVM’s is another step forward in making Bitcoin more accessible to the general public and establishing the Isle of Man as a domicile of choice for crypto-currency businesses.”

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