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American Bitcoin Exchange CampBX Combats DDOS Attack

Avatar Jayanand Sagar 5 years ago

Georgia-based CampBX has been having issues with their service since at least Thursday of last week, according to tweets transmitted by the crypto-currency exchange.

Beginning on the 3rd of July, the company took to social media to report that their service was dealing with a DDOS attack. For those unfamiliar, a DDOS is a distributed denial of service attack. An attack of this nature overwhelms a target server/s with requests, making the service slow or even unreachable by legitimate users.

In that tweet, the company said they were working to mitigate the attack, and shortly thereafter, the company noted the attack was resolved at 4 pm Eastern time. They added that they were “working on three changes to our network/firewalls to minimize future attacks.”

It wasn’t long before the attack struck again however, it would seem. CampBX once again took to Twitter on Monday to talk about DDOS attacks, insinuating that another took place today.

According to the tweet, the attack topped at a whopping 130 MBPS around 11:30 am Monday morning. Fixes have reportedly been added to mitigate these attacks, the company says, which originate from China.

Distributed denial of service attacks are fairly common not only throughout bitcoin-related websites, but all over the web. They are carried out most commonly by having groups of infected computers on the web point their requests to one or more targets, as mentioned above.

So if you’re a CampBX customer, things might be looking better right about now.

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