Bitcoin Foundation Hires Lobbying Muscle Power

The Bitcoin Foundation just might be looking to up their game when it comes to their doings in the nation’s capital. A report from the Wall Street Journal indicates that the Foundation has hired a lobbying firm to serve as their political muscle power on Capitol Hill.

The firm, Thorsen French Advocacy, is led by two former bipartisan congressional staffers, according to WSJ. Their responsibilities are clear enough: give bitcoin a good name.

Global Policy Counsel at the Foundation, Jim Harper, says the firm will build “a reservoir of goodwill that we can deploy when we need to avert a crisis.”

“The best work will head off problems before they become interesting to all of you,” he said to reporters during a Wednesday morning phone call.

The Bitcoin Foundation isn’t the first to get moving on lobbying lawmakers on the topic of digital currencies.

In late April we learned that lobbying firm Peck Madigan Jones has listen “bitcoin and mobile payments” as a key issue in their lobbying activities. In May, the managing director of San Diego-based Falcon Global Capital registered to lobby in Washington with the aim of providing “Education and understanding of Bitcoin and other crypto-graphic based currencies.”

Man in the community would agree the Foundation’s move here is worthwhile. It’s already common knowedlge that today’s mega financial firms like VISA and American Express have lobbyists on the hill protecting their interests, so why not do the same from our end?

In a press statement, Harper said (via CoinDesk):

[blockquote style=”2″]The lawmakers and regulators who have studied bitcoin take the sensible position that government should seek its benefits and mitigate its risks. We’re carrying this message to Capitol Hill so the bitcoin community can focus on building tools and services that enrich and improve people’s lives around the world.[/blockquote]

Harper indicates that the Foundation will be “going down a list” of lawmakers in Washington they hope to make bitcoin supporters out of.

  • gjgjg

    nice. this is how you play the big boy games.

    • ilhaguru

      But it’s also an extremely expensive game that can go completely down the drain in no time, wasting all efforts and resources spent on it.

      The Bitcoin Foundation should focus on education of the public, assist regulators in understanding btc, and promote adoption.

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