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1 min Wallet Returns to iOS App Store

It was just yesterday we posted about and their now 1.9 million MyWallet users (embarrassingly enough my original headline read ‘1.9 users’ leading to a bit of confusion).

At the end of that article, I mentioned that the app had made a surprise and unintentional appearance on the App Store, before quickly being pulled (for those that did download it, they received the old version of the app).

Today, has announced that their app is officially now back on the App Store.

The previous version of the application was removed by Apple earlier this year for uncertain reasons (though it aligns with the removal of other, related applications).

And since Apple took a difference stance against bitcoin-related apps beginning in Early June (by amending their App Store policies), several apps have made a comeback — Blockchain’s wallet being one of them.

“This is a really big deal; when Apple removed the Blockchain wallet over 1,000 news stories ran about Apple banning Bitcoin,” said CEO Nicolas Cary. “This seems to be the first strong and real sign they are ready to accommodate future digital currency development. It goes a long way to legitimizing Bitcoin and now provides hundreds of millions of iOS users access to Bitcoin applications.”

Blockchain App IOS NEW

The return of the application means that iPhone/iPod owners can send and receive bitcoins from their mobile devices and carry out their personal business without workarounds, and without having to move to an Android device.

Fore more information, read the information on the Blockchain Blog.

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