Barry Silbert Invests $250,000 in Unocoin, an Indian Bitcoin Start-up


Barry Silbert and his Bitcoin Opportunity Corp. is at it again.

This time around, Silbert is reported to have invested a whopping $250,000 in a Bangalore, India-based bitcoin start-up called Unocoin.

It’s one of a few investments Silbert has made in recent history in the sector, which includes $250,000 in Mexican bitcoin exchange Volabit, and another $250,000 in Swedish bitcoin services company Safello.

With interest in bitcoin and other digital currencies in India rising, it’s prime territory for an investor. Not only for investors, though, it’s an excellent opportunity for the Indian population — many of whom would be considered “unbanked” and without access to financial services we take for granted in the west.


“Bitcoin technology has the potential to provide sustainable solutions and smarter financial options to all sectors of India,” both the Bitcoin Opportunity Corp. and Unocoin said in a statement (via Business Insider).

Silbert’s Bitcoin Opportunity Corp. seems to be sticking to smaller, $250,000 investments as opposed to going all-in on one particular company, which many would agree is a smart strategy.

Unocoin has its hands in several different bitcoin-related services (much like Coinbase here in the United States), which includes buying, selling, and storing bitcoins, in addition to offering merchant services.

It’s the largest bitcoin-related investment to take place in India to date.

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