Bitcoin Now Buys … Medical Equipment?

It’s always interesting to wake up every morning and see all sorts of companies embracing digital currency (namely bitcoin). Some are expected, others interesting, and some downright surprising.

Take Medical Support Products, for example. The Pennsylvania company issued a press release Monday indicating that they are now accepting bitcoin payments for medical equipment and supplies.

The company specializes in selling respiratory products here in the United States, and if you weren’t already aware, the cost of medical care and supplies here is beyond belief.

The company, in business for 25 years, writes:

[blockquote style=”2″]Medical Support Products expects Bitcoin and other Crypto-Currencies to continue to rapidly grow in popularity. The decision to accept Bitcoin, keeps Medical Support Products ahead of the curve of payment technology.[/blockquote]

Medical Support Products outlines several reasons for their bitcoin adoption (which is actually quite refreshing because it seems many other companies do it out of herd mentality).

  1. Providing customer access to an easy, fast, payment system.
  2. Lower fees.
  3. An solution for international customers who don’t have access to traditional means of making payments.
  4. Allows orders that would normally be refused due to high risk of chargebacks to be accepted.

In order to facilitate the acceptance, the medical company is working with BitPay out of Atlanta — who along with Coinbase have become the most popular bitcoin processors here in the United States.

Very cool stuff, indeed.

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