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Music Streaming Service Radical.FM Opens Up to Bitcoin Donations

Avatar newsbtc 6 years ago

Radical.FM — a personal radio streaming service that’s free of charge — is turning to the bitcoin community to help keep their offerings free to the public, according to a Friday announcement.

The company describes itself in the following manner:

[blockquote style=”2″]Radical.FM is the most accurate streaming radio service in the world. We believe in a sustainable planet, global humanity, and local action. Radical is operated free of commercial interests on a Pay What You Can basis. We compensate artists, composers, and labels for all the music you stream.[/blockquote]

Donations received via the digital currency will be used to continue powering Radical.FM’s streaming service, which is delivered without advertisements. That means fans can listen to a 25-million-song library of music without being interrupted with ad-bombs.

It’s Radical, you could say.

No surprise, they’re teaming up with BitPay to convert the bitcoin payments into local currency (the United States dollar).

“Bitcoin is redefining currency for the Digital Age just as Radical.FM is redefining radio,” said Tom McAlevey, CEO of the Venice, California-based company. “So for Radical to pioneer Bitcoin acceptance in the streaming industry was a no-brainer, and BitPay is an experienced partner, secure, and well suited for making online donations.”

He adds, “Our service is user-supported. We exist because fans donate to Radical to support our mission to provide quality music to everyone, without commercial interruptions.”

“Bitcoin is the future. For some it is already the preferred way to make donations, which is why we’re excited to embrace the Bitcoin community and provide more opportunities for fans to support Radical.FM.”

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