Lamassu Bitcoin ATM Hits Manhattan's West Village

Despite being America’s most populated city, New York City hasn’t seen a terrible lot of bitcoin ATM action (namely the Manhattan borough) since the rainfall of ATM machines from a slew of manufacturers have seemingly rained down all over the world.

But according to New Hampshire-based Lamassu (the bitcoin ATM manufacturer who would appear to have the most devices out in the wild), their very first unit has touched down in Manhattan.

The company tells us it’s the first bitcoin ATM in Manhattan, full-stop, but we cannot independently verify that information (New York City is massive, after all).

Open to the public beginning today at 5 pm local time, the machine is located at the Flat 128 jewelry store in the heart of West Village.

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If you’re wondering about the unit itself, it’s operated by a company called PYC Bitcoin, and it will serve as a one-way device only (which technically sort of makes it a vending machine more than an ATM).

That means that the operator has elected to not use the newly-launched Lamassu stand, which actually has a purpose when in comes to form and function.

The stand allows the unit to be aesthetically placed at a convenient height, but also transforms the Lamassu system into a two-way ATM — allowing the consumer to both buy and sell bitcoin without hassle.

If you’re in the area, Flat128 can be visited at 15 Christopher Street.

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