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Poll Review: How Important is the Price of Bitcoin?

Avatar newsbtc 5 years ago

Just how important is the price of bitcoin?

The question could be considered subjective, and that’s why it was the topic of last week’s poll (which you can find in the lower right-hand corner of all pages).

So, getting right to it, it would appear that the price of bitcoin is a big deal compared to really not mattering. Of 134 total votes, about 64 percent of voters said the price of bitcoin “is a huge deal”. That equates to 86 votes.

(Hopefully we’ll get a higher volume of responses on the next one.)

The other 36 percent of voters said the price of bitcoin “doesn’t really matter”, which is interesting because I purposely chose last week for this poll for one simply reason that the price of bitcoin was going down.

Price of Bitcoin Poll End Aug

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In fact, the price dipped to a low of $442, and if you follow the bitcoin conversation on social media at all, you would have noticed that there was no shortage of folks feeling a bit blue about the price drop.

bitcoin-roller-coaster (1)

My bet is that if I had posted the poll during a time in which the price was skyrocketing, we would have seen a few more votes on the “huge deal” side.

Now, let’s get to this week’s poll.

[poll id=”23″]

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