GAW Miners Sells Millions of Dollars Worth of Hashlet Miners in a Week

Hashlet Miner

The self-proclaimed ‘largest bitcoin computer supplier’, GAW Miners, this week announced that they have managed to sell millions of dollars worth of their new ‘Hashlet’ miners in about one week (give or take a few days).

The digital cloud miner has been a hot topic in the mining community since its launch a little over a week ago. Deemed by the company to be ‘grandma approved’, the miner touts simplicity and ease-of-use, which is certainly a factor that will attract plenty of newcomers to the mining space.

GAW Miners writes:

[blockquote style=”2″]Hashlet is also the fastest-selling bitcoin miner of all time, likely due to it’s appeal to mainstream audiences rather than exclusively to the small group of tech guru first adopters normally involved with cryptocurrency. Though they too have adopted the product with open arms, according to the company.[/blockquote]

“Hashlet has brought more people into bitcoin than any other product in the world,” remarked Mr. Josh Garza, CEO of GAW Miners. “It’s been an extraordinary success. We were selling thousands of units per second at launch and over 100GH in less than a week.”

Think about that. Thousands of units per second. Assuming that’s an accurate statement, that’s an incredible rate of sale.

And this probably isn’t the last of the Hashlet’s success, it would seem. GAW Miners has hinted at future upgrades to the Hashlet family.

“Hashlet will finally show the world what a bitcoin miner can be capable of,” added Garza. “As impressive as The Hashlet is now, this is only the beginning.”

  • zvs

    I’d say it’s “Granny” approved, w/ those prices. Why would they sell it if they could use it themselves to make more money?

    cex part 2, w/o the exchange?

  • gws

    Not a bitcoin miner…. It’s scrypt for alt coins

  • FreeJack

    Anyone who pays them money to “cloud” mine (which is a fallacy…you’re really just buying shares in their mining farm) is contributing to a huge centralization of hashrate trend in mining, as well as to enormous sell-side pressure on the currency markets for the coins being mined, due to their paying out only in Bitcoin. They are taking great pains not to point out that what they’re actually mining is NOT Bitcoin…then calling this a “Bitcoin miner.”

  • markcapp

    As a Bitcoin miner and early adopter, I just want to kindly warn anyone new to mining to be careful when selecting a provider. The industry is full of fraud as we’ve seen many times in recent months.

    Please carefully review each provider BEFORE sending them money. One of the sites that you can review from is CloudMining.Guru.

    Be smart, be careful and happy mining : )

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