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CNN Money Now Shows the Price of Bitcoin

Avatar Jayanand Sagar 5 years ago

CNN Money is now displaying the price of bitcoin for those interested in tracking the digital currency’s latest price movements.

The Bitcoin Composite Quote, as it’s called, was tweeted today on the official CNN Money Twitter account — which at the present time, has about 818,000 followers.

On the new page, you’ll find most of the information you would come to expect: a chart, real-time quote, today’s change, and more. You’ll also find news items related to bitcoin (CNN is using the XBT abbreviation, by the way), though they aren’t very good, considering most of them come from press release wires.

CNN Money Bitcoin Quote Screenshot

CNN Money is just one of the latest information hubs to offer bitcoin price data. Professional resources like Bloomberg Terminal offer bitcoin price data, as does Reuters’ Eikon service.

In terms of resources available to your average consumer, both Yahoo! Finance and Google Finance now show bitcoin price data.

Why? Because people want easy access to market data. They want to be able to see a chart with the latest peaks and dips. It’s useful. But if you really are looking for free, helpful tools that show pricing data, you ought to check out Bitcoinity/Markets and BitcoinWisdom.

Both will offer you a wealth of information. And if you want to take it a step further, visit the Hypron/BitcoinWisdom panel, which will allow you to view multiple charts on one display.

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