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Coinify Gets Multi-Million Dollar Investment From SEED Capital, Announces Acquisitions

Avatar Jayanand Sagar 5 years ago

Danish digital currency startup Coinify has proudly announced today news that they have received a multi-million dollar investment from Denmark-based SEED Capital, an injection of cash that will ensure the company remains in a leading position in the digital currency industry in Europe.

Coinify’s services allow consumers to buy and sell bitcoin, and allows merchants to easily accept the digital currency with next-day settlements in euros, dollars, kroner, and other currencies. The platform touts ease of use, and allows said merchants to easily integrate bitcoin payment modules into popular e-commerce platforms like Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Shopify.

Over 6,000 merchants and 7,000 consumers are signed up with the platform at last tally, Coinify says.

“The internet protocol revolutionised the way we communicate, and the Bitcoin protocol can revolutionise the way we transfer unique digital assets from one internet user to another. Potentially all transactions could in the future be done in virtual currencies. That is a development we have to be a part of, and at SEED Capital we are comfortable being at the forefront of technological development,” remarked Richard Breiter, who’s an investment manager at SEED Capital.


As part of today’s announcement, Coinify added that they have acquired Bitcoin Nordic, described as one of the first (and largest) digital currency brokerages in Europe.

“Bitcoin Nordic has been looking for further global expansion, and unifying consumer and merchant services under the Coinify brand will enable us to realise that vision,” commented Bitcoin Nordic founder Lasse Birk Olesen.

In addition, Coinify has purchased the intellectual property rights and acquired merchant relationships of Bitcoin Internet Payment System (BIPS), based in Copenhagen.

“With the investment and acquisitions, Coinify is now positioned to bring the empowering potential of Bitcoin to all of the 500 million individuals in Europe,” said Coinify CEO Hans Henrik Heming.

BIPS founder Kris Henriksen adds, “The idea is to accomplish a greater vision — a vision that is better achieved for our thousands of merchants on a strong platform like Coinify. This will leave Bitcoin Internet Payment System to focus on technological innovations.”

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