MaiTai BitFury Racing Experience Takes Place this Weekend

There’s a VIP event of sorts taking place this weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada dubbed the MaiTai BitFury Racing Experience. The three-day event involves racing supercars, firing machine guns, taking poker lessons from professionals, and winding down at the NOBU Hotel.

The event is hosted by MaiTai Global founders Susi Mai and Bill Tai, in addition to race car driver Collete Davis.

Now, you may be asking yourself how bitcoin fits into this picture. Put simply, Bill Tai serves on the BitFury board, and as such, he’s likely pulled some strings to have the company sponsor the exclusive event.

The idea is to get the people participating in the event to familiarize themselves with the digital currency.

“We recognized an opportunity with MaiTai BitFury Racing to increase the visibility of Bitcoin within a high-profile group of people who might have never been exposed to it so directly before,” says BitFury co-founder and CEO, Valery Vavilov. “Seeing is believing, so creating a way for people to experience Bitcoin is a win for the entire industry. MaiTai Global, which specializes in unique experiences, is the perfect host for this first-of-its-kind event.”

“Valery’s tireless approach to building an ecosystem around Bitcoin is inspiring. Team BitFury is precisely the type of team that appreciates the MaiTai community of leading entrepreneurs and athletes and helps ensure we keep our focus on the future,” Bill Tai adds.

It’s unclear just how much exposure the event will truly give bitcoin, but the optimism is certainly nice.

“Bitcoin is truly the next frontier in finance, and every new frontier needs its pioneers to accelerate its position in the world,” Collete Davis remarked. “That’s exactly how I think about BitFury, and exactly what makes them an ideal partner for this series of extreme racing experiences — both of which embody the pushing of boundaries and testing of limits.”

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