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Dogecoin Merchants Invited to Join Bitcoin Black Friday

Dogecoin merchants are all set to jump on the Bitcoin Black Friday bandwagon, confirms Jon Holmquist, the founder of

Touted as one of the biggest Bitcoin events covered by media, Bitcoin Black Friday is scheduled to kick start on November 28th – the day after Thanksgiving. According to Holmquist, he and his team are targeting at least 6,000 merchants to put their Black Friday sales on To ensure premium publicity, the founder is seeking help from one of the most active digital currency communities, Dogecoin.

In return, the “Dogefather of Digital Currencies” offered the community a ‘Dogecoin Black Friday’ of their own, under the provision that they get more merchants to sign up for the event. “As promised nearly a year ago and locked in by generous donors, Dogecoin Black Friday is going to be a thing,” he wrote on his Reddit post.

“I’ll throw down the manpower, design, press everything for you guys, but I need some shibes to do some outreach to Dogecoin merchants and get them signed up [….] Just make sure to tell the merchants to mention that they accept Dogecoin and I’ll get them on the page. We need a minimum of 60 merchants signed up for this to work.”

The Dogecoin community – commonly referred as “Shibes” – have agreed to extend their help to Holmquist. The invitations are currently being circulated to both Dogecoin and non-Dogecoin merchants. The enthusiasm within the community can be noted in this one-single comment: “We need a Shibe from every country to write a Press Release (or tweak a general one) and circulate to the correct media contacts for that country.”

If everything goes well, Dogecoin will be seen standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Bitcoin, in one of the biggest events seen in the cryptocurrency market to date.

Source: Reddit

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