Anonymous Developer: Darkcoin is Seriously Flawed

Gola Yashu | December 2, 2014 | 8:36 am

Anonymous Developer: Darkcoin is Seriously Flawed

Gola Yashu | December 2, 2014 | 8:36 am

[Update: Darkcoin founder’s reply is available at the end of this post.]

An anonymous Reddit user, using the alias ‘IranianFromHell666’, recently claimed to have found some serious flaws in Darkcoin.

The alleged developer claimed that Darkcoin is heavily prone to three DOS attacks, and have zero-anonymity. He further mentioned a handful of methods following which Darkcoin could be attacked in the future. However, he shied away from discussing these tricks in public, but simply assured to setup a “Darkcoin Deanonymizer” to prove his claims.

“Or is there some kind of “Bug bounty?”, if so I would be willing to participate,” he added.

On the other hand, IranianFromHell666’s provocative approach stirred Darkcoin followers. Some of the initial responses described him as a troller – slang used to describe manipulative liars on the internet. In his response to the allegations, the Reddit user disclosed one of the three DOS attacks he mentioned in the original post. Fearing alterations, we have posted a snapshot of his response below:


As the accuser has rested his argument, it is time to wait for the Darkcoin core developer Evan Duffield’s reply. We would urge Darkcoin traders to wait for a definite response from the Darkcoin crew before they make any sentimental trading decisions.

Meanwhile, feel free to provide us your view on the topic in our comment section below.

Evan Duffield’s comment on the accusation:

First off, it’s great to have people going through all of the new code. I thank you for really looking through it.
However, I’m not very surprized that there are ways to DOS darkcoin still, nor is that even a problem. We just open sourced a couple months ago and there’s 10000+ lines of new code. Bitcoin was getting DOS’d for about four years after it’s release and it took years to secure it. These types of attacks actually make the network stronger and more resistant to future attacks. DOS’ing the network just doesn’t work for that long, the one attack you show could have been fixed on mainnet in a few hours.
If you want the community is very willing to pay for exploits and issues with the code. However, if you just attack the network with your information, you’ll receive a lot less, or nothing at all.

The one thing I’m doubtful of is the anonymity issue. However, with the vagueness of your post, I can’t really address what you’re talking about.

I’m working on the next release that contains multiple DOS fixes and an anonymity improvement, if you can get me the rest of your list in the next 24 hours I’ll help you get tips/donations for helping secure Darkcoin.


Source: Reddit

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  • Tommy

    Just use Monero or BoolBerry which are much more secure

  • peter herbst

    Evan Duffield posted yesterday ! Maybe you should check your facts !

    • Yashu Gola

      hello Peter. By the time i posted this article, there was no reply available on darkcoin forums. I am gonna do a followup soon so don’t worry. Like anyone else, i also have working hours. 🙂

      • peter herbst

        Working hours, so who paid you this time spreading FUD ? did you had to change “publication” by now to spread more of this crap ?

        • Yashu Gola

          Peter. I think you are nothing less than a religious extremist who considers criticism as “blasphemy”. Besides, this article was not even criticizing Darkcoin but was just reporting about a serious accusation. Just try to be humble like Evan for a moment. Look at the way this gentleman replied to such rude accusations.

          By screaming FUD on the top of your lungs everytime you read something negative will jeopardize Darkcoin’s reputation in the end.

          And don’t worry about my working hours, they are flexible. 🙂 And don’t worry about me changing publications, none of your concern..

  • anonymous

    Yasu Gola is the worst paid troll out there !! do NOT read his articles !! he is paid to write false accusations !!!

  • anonymous

    FUD Journalism , you should ashamed of yourself !

    • Yashu Gola

      My dear anonymous reader, you are simply a passerby messing with a journalist (with a name) for no reason. I don’t understand what’s the trouble with any coin, not just Darkcoin, when it faces a certain criticism. It’s all right brother. If you read my article, I never even criticized anyone, I simple reported what was there at that point of time. Sure, Evan – a great developer in my view – posted a fitting reply after newsbtc published this article. As a responsible blogger, I updated it.

      I hope you are happy. And this was clearly not an FUD. Dont be a crypto-extremist.

  • Onetyone

    Selective reading is the mother of all fvckups, you should know that by now Yashu Gola. Way to go again dimwad.

    • Yashu Gola

      Hello Onetyone, ignoring all the abusive slang I just want to tell you that I’m gonna do a follow up on the story. By the time I finished this article, there was no reply available on the internet, as per I checked.

      It is a very basic premise of journalism. if the facts show up later, we add them up to the existing article. YOU WILL SEE AN UPDATED SIGN SOON on this article as well.

      For human’s sake, I was past my working hours. I just got back after smelling the coffee. Will update this thing. relax!! And kindly avoid this demoralizing approach, at least towards a fellow Darkcoiner. 🙂

      • OnetyOne

        A little carried away but I’ve felt a bit cheated. The claimed flaws aren’t put into much detail wich was followed by a statement wich looked like a threath. The dev already also responded so I was disappointed seeing this articles contents to say the least 🙂

        • Yashu Gola

          and I completely understand your frustration. I could have felt the same. conversation is the key to enlightenment. so please feel free to let us know of our mistakes and stupidities. in the end, these articles are just opinions.. and they are prone to change with time. 🙂

          • OnetyOne

            Thanks, also for taking the time to revise the article 🙂

  • You are a straight hack. Journalist/reporters are here to give us facts. You failed to report all the facts, you failed to update your article in a timely manner or do a followup on your post when more facts came to light. You cant even call yourself a journalist. Please for the love of god do your homework and stop regurgitating anything that shows up on reddit.

  • Shannon

    Thanks for the news Yashu.
    As security searcher, was seekings some ways to find anythinks fun into the coin’s world.
    Someone stop me if i’m wrong, but technically speaking, i think that IranianFromHello666’s didn’t find anything new. He just refer to an extend of the 51% attack.
    Need to look deeper in the code, but he can’t craft futures block hash! Postulate seem’s wrong.
    Best regards,

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