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Darkcoin Plans New Roadmap to Address Darksend Issues

Avatar Gola Yashu 5 years ago

Darkcoin Developer Evan Duffield recently announced to implement a few changes in their Darksend platform in order to enhance its functionality from core.

Despite getting approved as a viable and secure transaction obfuscation platform from most users, Darksend still has its issues. Duffield accordingly planned out a roadmap, following which they will be able to address the prevailing troubles related to security vulnerabilities, obfuscation, Darksend/masternode code, etc. The idea here is “to restructure and flush out the design of Darksend” in the next few weeks, as Duffield said.

“After this update, we want Darksend to mix faster (We’re targeting 4-8 hours @8 rounds) and easier for your average everyday user,” wrote Duffield. “We’ll also look through the code again for vulnerabilities and close them all. We’re gaining much more attention (good and bad), so we want the code to be as secure and easy as possible before diving into introducing InstantX.”

“During this period the InstantX code will be open-source and merged into the project. We encourage developers to look at the implementation and give feedback to improve it before we launch,” he added.

To meet their deadlines efficiently on time, Duffield also introduced new members to his squad, each offering his professional expertise in improving Darkcoin’s infrastructure. These new additions belong to the fields related to software and business development, as well as PR management.

From the look of it, Darkcoin seems to be really serious about expanding its reach in the excessively competitive altcoin market. The coin has already made it into the list of most important altcoins, compiled by Investopedia a few days back.

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