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Much Wow: Amagi Metals Starts Accepting Dogecoin Again

Avatar Yashu Gola 5 years ago

After five-long months, precious metals dealer Amagi Metals announced to integrate Dogecoin payments once again to its platform.

On July 23 this year, the ecommerce company had discontinued accepting Dogecoin in the wake of coin’s ‘then-dropping’ reputation. In its press release, Amagi Metals directly accused Dogecoin to be involved in “untrustworthy actions” like supporting bad actors on the network, and neglecting double spending issues.

The decision of accepting Dogecoin now clearly indicates that Amagi Metals was a victim of propaganda and scare tactics. While the company didn’t stress much on the cryptocurrency’s return in their latest press release, it somewhat sounded positive about Dogecoin’s potential to captivate people around the globe.

Amagi Metals has always made a name for being the biggest supporter of Bitcoin and altcoins. The precious metal dealer even announced to stop accepting USD by the end of 2016, in order to be a full-time digital currency store. It explains why it chose GoCoin to be their official payment processing partner, a platform which is known for being uniquely designed to accommodate emerging cryptocurrencies.

“We’d been waiting for a payment processor that could see the larger picture beyond bitcoin payments alone,” said Stephen Macaskill, CEO of Amagi Metals. “The GoCoin platform is uniquely designed to accommodate emerging cryptocurrencies, which was a critical factor in our decision.”

“Stephen has already put a stake in the ground for bitcoin by announcing Amagi Metals would stop accepting US dollars as a payment method by 2016,” said Steve Beauregard, co-founder and CEO of GoCoin while returning the gesture. “He’s a visionary in his own right and as such, recognizes the vast opportunity that lies in embracing the larger ecosystem of cryptocurrencies.”

Amagi Metals further announced to add more altcoins to its platform next year. Other than Dogecoin, it currently accepts Bitcoin, NXT, Ripple, Darkcoin, Potcoin and Litecoin as payment alternatives.

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