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Charlie Lee: “Litecoin Does Not Need Development Right Now”

Avatar Gola Yashu 5 years ago

Charlie Lee, the much celebrated creator of the silver-cryptocurrency Litecoin, recently went into a Twitter argument with a random user named Darth Camel, who accused him of neglecting Litecoin in terms of development. In his response, Lee said that their cryptocurrency does not need development right now.

“Adding gimmicks does not help a currency succeed,” Lee made his point. “Liquidity, merchants, and user does.”

Darth Camel though didn’t stop there. He retaliated by saying that Lee shows no love, and attention towards the very cryptocurrency he created. In his kick-starter tweet, Camel toned up similar sentiments about Lee, while accusing him of discarding his role as a Litecoin creator to focus more on his full-time job at Coinbase.



Is Lower Litecoin Value Discouraging Users?
It would be important to notice how Litecoin, while failing to put breaks on a long-term bearish momentum, has been under attack by its critics all this year. Many miners have rumored to have left the community because they were not making enough revenues due to falling Litecoin’s value. On the other hand, user adoption have also had its share of blow around all the negativity.

In the meantime, other altcoins are slowly gearing up for the ultimate battle of altcoins by introducing never-seen-before features in their services. At this point of time, it seems quite normal that discouraged Litecoin users are seeking asylum under a definite and good leadership, especially those long-term holders who expect a lot from this second-best cryptocurrency.

And the solution is…
Adoption, as Charlie Lee himself mentioned. While Litecoin is indeed lacking the limelight of development, it is still among the only altcoins that is trustworthy by every means. We surely agree with Lee where he mentions that a coin doesn’t need gimmicks to succeed, but at the same time we expect a great leadership from him for attracting new investors and holding the old ones from falling out. While Andrew is currently doing a great job as the director of Litecoin Association, Lee’s presence will simply act as an additional help to keep the panic away from the Litecoin community.

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