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Bitcoin Bowl is a Big Hit

Avatar Guest Author 5 years ago

Buzz from the Bitcoin Bowl has erupted following the game between North Carolina State and the University of Central Florida.  The scores at the end of the night were surprisingly close, with NC holding a 7 point lead of 34 over UCF’s 27, although many fans found themselves praising not the efforts of the teams, but rather those of BitPay’s Tony Gallippi, who helped organize the Bowl, and bitcoin itself.

Nathan Wosnack, CCO of the Blockchain Factory, expressed his reaction to the event with great enthusiasm and excitement, saying:

“The game was phenomenal.  The overwhelming BitPay and Bitcoin promotion in the advertising on the big screen, the announcement, made any Bitcoin supporter and fan cheer.  I had such a sense of overwhelming happiness seeing Tony Gallippi being handed the key to the city of St. Petersburg.  We all stood up and cheered Tony along and often screamed a lot of Bitcoin support, to the amusement and bewilderment of the jocks around us.”

Harry Yeh of Binary Financial also had a few things to say:

“Amazing experience, BitPay and the team did an amazing job putting this whole event together.”

CEO of AirBitz Paul Puey summed up the importance of the Bowl, and the lasting influence he’s sure it will have on its viewers:

“The event is not going to be remembered for the people who played in it, this event is going to be remembered going down as the biggest event to expose bitcoin in 2014.  I can tell my kids about the Bitcoin Bowl, that I was there, that I educated a handful of people.”

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