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Bitcoin Tipping And Music Streaming Are Headed To The Moon

Avatar Guest Author 5 years ago

A Reddit user has created an alternative to the popular music streaming service SoundCloud, and it features bitcoin tipping! The new music platform is called And although it is still in beta, it’s not short on unique features. has integrated bitcoin tipping jars on artist profiles which allows visitors to tip creators for songs and sounds they enjoy. Currently, the platform allows users to upload mp3, .m4a (aac), and .wav files. Registered users on the site can upload up to 10 MB at a time while unregistered users can only upload 5 MB files. In addition, users can record a file directly to the site using’s simple interface.

Micro-payments are finally possible online due to the low transaction fees of bitcoin. And tipping continues to be one of the more popular use cases for the cryptocurrency. By integrating bitcoin tipping jars, has successfully unlocked micro-payments for musicians and producers around the world. Fans can now directly reward their favorite artists and know for certain that the artist will receive 100% of the funds.

Although is new on the music scene, the upside for the service is huge. The vision for the site is to be “the simplest way to share sounds online,” and based on their current offering, they just may be. Uploading audio files to the website is very quick and simple, and the interface makes it easy for anyone to use.

Beyond bitcoin tipping, the site states that there are many new features planned for the near future; none of which they are ready to reveal just yet. Let the suspense build.

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