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Microsoft Further Experimenting with Bitcoin

Avatar Guest Author 5 years ago

Microsoft caused quite a stir earlier this month when it announced that customers could use bitcoin to pay for certain content in the Windows and Xbox stores.

While not accepting bitcoin on a global scale just yet, Microsoft has mentioned that it is experimenting with the cryptocurrency and its related technology in the hopes that doing so will allow for greater expansion.

A spokesman for Microsoft said:

“We are a global company, and we always think about our markets globally, be it for bitcoin or for all of our services and products… The technology behind bitcoin also represents an interesting set of new technologies to explore in the world of distributed, connected devices… Whatever we might do, we will do it in a smart way to ensure we meet our customers’ needs while respecting local laws and regulations.”

Microsoft joins the growing list of businesses that are willing to aim for international bitcoin acceptance, but it would appear that the tech conglomerate also believes in bitcoin’s technology.  Speaking about the reasons as to why Microsoft would more accepting of bitcoin, BitPay’s Tony Gallippi states:

“People are using their products and operating system in many parts of the world that don’t have credit card penetration.  It’s difficult for many consumers to actually be able to put money in their Microsoft accounts.”

It will be interesting to see what Microsoft does in 2015, and whether its acceptance of bitcoin will continue to grow.  What do you guys think they’ll do?  Post your comments and thoughts below.

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