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Does the Soros Family have a Stake in Bitgold?

Avatar Guest Author 5 years ago

Bitgold, a Canadian startup looking to provide global access to gold through bitcoin, is set to go live in mid-February following the completion of its private beta phase.

What has some raising an eyebrow in interest is that George Soros of Soros Brothers Investments seemingly holds a stake in the company, and some are wondering if the Hungarian-born business mogul and philanthropist suddenly has a newfound interest in cryptocurrency.

George Soros has been a news figure since the 1970s, and has donated billions of dollars to a number of worthy causes including human rights, education and public health.  He provided one of Europe’s largest educational donations to Central European University in Budapest, Hungary, and has also donated to a wide array of political causes and organizations, such as, America Coming Together and the Center for American Progress.

As it turns out (reported by AlphaBTC on December, 27th), Soros Brothers Investments is actually the company of his children, and is currently being heavily managed by his son Alexander Soros.

Little information has been given regarding the company’s plans, but some feel that while the move is being instigated by his son, a pathway is being provided for George to just swoop in and walk away with a hefty bundle after driving the price up.

What do you guys think?  Is the company is just experimenting or is it planning something bigger?  Let us know your comments and thoughts below.

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