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California Approves Bitcoin for Transactions

Avatar Guest Author 5 years ago

California has now become “Crypto-rnia”.

The state’s governor Jerry Brown has approved bitcoin for transactions, thus making California a sturdy haven for digital currency.

The news comes following the ratification of a new finance bill originally approved in the summer of 2014.  The bill’s objective was to end all prohibitions on alternatives to U.S. dollars for commerce in the state.  Through the bill’s official ratification, alternate currencies (including bitcoin and related virtual monies) are hereby permitted for transactions at the legislative level.  Prior, only USD was recognized as an acceptable form of currency.

In a country that is split right down the middle on the subjects of cryptocurrency and bitcoin, California is now one of the “friendlier” bitcoin states for digital enthusiasts.

Speaking to online cryptocurrency publication CoinTelegraph, Fletcher Starkey, the owner of a San Francisco-based bar and restaurant that has been accepting bitcoin since its grand opening in 2014, spoke about the ratification of the bill, and feels that the state and Governor Jerry Brown are headed down the right path:

“California is leading the charge toward a more secure and simple payment system, which benefits customers and merchants, instead of credit card companies.”

Starkey continued to explain that his restaurant, known as CDXX, has “plenty of tech savvy customers and business owners, and many open-minded entrepreneurs.  I wish every one of my customers would trade in their Visa for Bitcoin.”

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