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LazyCoins Launches… Again

Avatar Guest Author 5 years ago

Altcoin exchange LazyCoins is re-launching with a new mobile payments and merchant services app.

In a growing world of digital currency, LazyCoins is looking to compete with the likes of bitcoin conglomerate BitPay and fight for its place in the virtual payments universe.

Founder Danial Daychopan commented on the decision to re-launch, and what users can expect from the trading platform now that it’s been set on a new path:

“LazyCoins itself was actually announced to the public some time last year, but we launched beta in July.  We didn’t send out a press release because we wanted to learn about our software and get things right by taking our time.  This is something I learnt from the mistakes a lot of other exchanges made by not having any QA or security tests before launching, and facing their demise soon after.  The last several months have been spent developing our new LazyCoins site, LazyPay and a corporate structure behind the company, as our plans are to be a dominant force in crypto.”

As reported earlier, LazyCoins takes the idea of security very seriously, and Daychopan is attempting to put customers’ concerns at ease:

“Security and integrity are the most important part for an exchange… hence why we have opted for 100% cold storage policy for Bitcoin.  This is laborious, but we have a big enough team to process withdrawals several times a day and have been doing [so] while in beta, without any delays for our users.  Our cold storage is multisignature and keys are never held by one person.”

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