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Pending Case Wallet Release Targeted by Scammers

Avatar Gola Yashu 5 years ago

Yesterday, on January 4, 2015, a link was shared on Reddit from new user accounts claiming that a select few people would win a free Case Wallet by entering their email address and downloading the firmware.

The website looked very official. Being a clone site, the coding mirrored Case Wallet’s real website.

Upon closure inspection, it turns out that the “firmware” was an executable file that tested positive via 3 virus scans for possible trojan and/or malware content. A screenshot of the culprit can be seen here. This confirms earlier talk about this issue that occurred at

Case Wallet is a legitimate company with a reputable staff. They have been developing their hardware wallet for many months and the upcoming product release is generating a lot of buzz. Unfortunately the hype surrounding their new hardware wallet is now being taking advantage of. So always proceed online with a degree of caution.

Thankfully, the Case Wallet security features multisignature and multi-factor authentication based on fingerprint scanning.

An email exchange with their listed contact at Choose Case confirms that their product release is indeed coming soon. Keep your eyes peeled.

If you have any information to add up to this article, please provide it in the comment section below. Counter-arguments are also welcome.

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