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Apple Introduces SaruTobi, an IOS Bitcoin Game

Avatar Guest Author 5 years ago

Apple has approved an IOS game that tips players in bitcoin.

Known as SaruTobi, users play as a monkey that collects bitcoin tokens while swinging from trees and vines.

Sure, the graphics seem like something out of the original “Mario Bros” venture, but who cares?  For old-school fanatics who also happen to be bitcoin enthusiasts, the game is right up their alley.  Forget the look of the game… It’s the bitcoins that players likely care about.

Developer Christian Moss describes the game:

“SaruTobi is literally Japanese for ‘Monkey Fly’, and this is pretty much the premise of the game.  The user… flings him across an 8-bit jungle collecting floating bitcoin along the way.”

Moss explains why he chose to integrate bitcoin and why it’s so important to the game’s style:

“I thought it would be a nice way to introduce bitcoin to people who are not familiar with it yet… The bitcoin tips come from the game’s shared bitcoin wallet, called a ‘pot’, revenue generated by the game (from in-app purchases and ads) is converted into bitcoin and added to the pot… I have come across a few concept games that use bitcoin micro-transactions; however nothing on the IOS app store… I believe having a popular IOS app that incorporates bitcoin can go a long way to helping it become mainstream.”

Players can download the game for free on iTunes.

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