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Bitcoin Exchange BitStamp to Resume Operations Anytime on Friday

Avatar Gola Yashu 5 years ago

After staying offline for the last few days, Bitcoin exchange BitStamp is hopeful resume trading services today, confirmed co-founder Damijan Merlak via email.

The Slovenian exchange recently became the victim of online theft, which eventually cost it and its customers around 19,000 BTC – an equivalent of some $5 million. Their representatives however said that a huge portion of the total Bitcoins is safe, and has moved to a much secure offline wallet.

On Wednesday, the founders promised the customers to resume Bitcoin trading operations within the next 24 hours, soon after they turned off their platform to fix internal bugs. They even assured to return with a more secure and robust version of BitStamp, where customers will not lose any money.

However, the re-launch was delayed for another 24 hours, when BitStamp CEO Nejc Kodric confirmed its team to have still been rebuilding their systems from the core. “My earlier tweet of 48 hours was a rough timeframe”, he said. “We are testing our redeployed system internally before going live again to customers.”

The update was met with negative responses from customers.

Meanwhile, Merlak informed the users that they are in touch with various legal enforcement agencies from the United States and European Union. He though never mentioned their names. Popular news website Reuters further claimed that Slovenian police so far haven’t received a single complaint from the BitStamp office.

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