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Josh Garza and Andrew Vegetabile Set to Duke it Out

Avatar Guest Author 5 years ago

Following ShapeShift’s ceased relationship with PayCoin, creator Josh Garza is challenging the associate director of Litecoin Andrew Vegetabile to a public debate, regarding the growing controversy around PayCoin and its history of “broken promises.”

Garza started the spark earlier this week by announcing:

“I challenge Andrew to an open public debate in person online any time to discuss how this kind of action is bad for our industry and all the coins out there.  If he asked the Litecoin community as a whole and had a vote, would the Litecoin users want a new place to use their coins and support their choice of currency?  I think yes, they would.”

Whether Garza actually meant to follow through on any such action or whether it was all for show will probably never be known, but now Garza will have to study hard and get himself prepared, as Vegetabile has accepted the challenge and is readying to face Garza head on in the coin ring.

Vegetabile has lain forth a few terms and conditions that he is asking be adhered to before the debate occurs.  Some of those terms, for example, include the debate taking place online, either through Skype or through Google Chat.  He is also asking for an unbiased moderator and that questions are prepared and submitted to both he and Garza at least 12 hours before the debate is to set to begin.

Following a response from Garza, a date for the event should be set in stone.

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