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Reddcoin Developers Blackmailed by Ex-Member

Avatar Gola Yashu 5 years ago

[Note: It has been speculated that Shane (mentioned in the article below) was never a part of the coin’s development team. We will be updating this article soon after getting in touch with Shane himself. Thanks for your patience. Any inconvenience is deeply regretted.]

A couple of days ago, Reddcoin developers took to their official forum to convey followers about a complaint they received from their ex-member Shane (ReddAPI) – currently the caretaker of Reddcoin API.

According to the post, the accuser was not happy with the ways Reddcoin lead developers were handling the projects, so he simply opted to make an abusive letter to exhibit his frustration. Here are some of the noteworthy excerpts from his complaint:

“You have no idea how a cryptocurrency works. If you think you do, then you’re wrong.”

“Many developers have left due to the lead developer. Hoppi has left, BigReddMachine has left, and I left, along with many more people. I have no care of this coin anymore. The lead developers have ruined everything they had, but I run a service that uses Reddcoin, so I have to care just a tiny bit.”

“If I wanted to make some f***ing FUD, you’d have all my chat transcripts from the [developer] team, including everyone else.”

In a separate and rather calmer post, Shane explained the actual reasons behind his disagreement with the Reddcoin team, saying that the Reddcoin network is going through a series of issues, which has led up to the point where even transactions are not getting confirmed. He explained his urge to find out the “shady” truth and further accused Reddcoin developers of censoring him out of the community. Shane meanwhile announced to shut down the Reddcoin API and asked users to withdraw their funds by February 19th next month.

“I did not blackmail anyone – that required me asking for something to keep quiet. I gave Reddcoin 12 hours to tell the community themselves. And they did. But they sure did swing it,” he wrote.

Due to word limit, I am putting the developers’ response here. Kindly check it out.

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